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Today I have for you some lip swatches of my Hello Waffle Lip Balms and Glosses. I've had these photos sitting around for a while so I figured I would post them before Christine restocks her lip products on the 22nd. 

The lip balm included in this post is one of her reformulated shades. Christine originally launched her brand with lip balms but decided to take them down while she worked on the formula since some customer's balms were turning grainy due to the Shea Oil ingredient. I never tried one of the lip balms before reformulation but I have to commend her on doing the difficult thing and taking them off of her catalog in order to improve the product. It's not always easy to admit that your products need some work, not to mention the financial loss involved. I'm happy to report that Christine's formula no longer contains any graininess and are very well-loved in the indie community!

The lip glosses launched on Black Friday along with the reformulated lip balms and Kitty Kingdom Collection, and boy did they go fast. Within 10 minutes, the first wave of lip products were almost all gone. In comparison to other indie brand balms, these are a bit on the thinner side and are less tacky than a Shiro or Notoriously Morbid gloss. They don't even really feel like a typical gloss, I would say the opaque shades are more of a lip gloss/liquid lipstick hybrid. The deeper shades are very pigmented and smooth. The wear time is about average, with the deeper/brighter colors lasting longer and leaving a soft stain. I really, really like these. In fact, I think I these might be my favorite gloss! I also love the packaging on these, they look very professional and luxe for a lip gloss, particularly for an indie brand.

* Disclaimer: All products purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. *

How cute are these freaking labels? I die. Ya'll have some cute pets! For those who don't know, The Kitty Kingdom collection was inspired by the pet's of members from Hello Waffle's Facebook fan page. A portion of the proceeds were given to a local pet shelter in Christine's area. I think it's awesome that so many brand owners donate a portion to charitable organizations. I believe the shelter received around $1,500 which is fantastic. I submitted a pic of my Cairn Corgi Emma but it was too late. Oh well, maybe next year. Tell me this little face wouldn't be adorable on an eyeshadow label:

Orange Fluff is a clear gloss with suspended orange shimmers. This shade, along with the next one is formulated to be worn over other shades. I do actually like this shade on it's own, works well with a quick base+mascara+lip gloss kind of look. Also, these smell freaking amazing! It's like a sweet vanilla smell but doesn't come off as artificial.

Sir Gibbs is a clear gloss with strong silver and blue shimmer. This one is strictly a layering gloss for me. I particularly like it over purples to give them a cool blue shift. I do wish the effect was just a tiny bit more intense for layering purposes. This + Lavender Cream Highlight = shifty blue discoball status. 

Lady Tinted Lip Balm is peachy coral shade. This is a fantastic color, and once again I have to mention that I love the formulation of this product. It's not particularly moisturizing but that is what gives it a long wear. This color wears all day on me! Once the initial color has faded, you get a beautiful coral stain left behind. This shade in particular is one of those shades that perk your complexion right up. I will definitely be picking up some more of these in the future. 

Audrey 2 The Venus Flytrap Lip Gloss is a bright magenta with blue shimmer. Have you ever encountered a product that makes your heart stop and you gasp at loud at the beauty of it? That's how I was when I first saw the promo images! On the morning of the launch, I set my alarm to wake me up so I wouldn't miss it since I knew they would go quick. As I was checking out, it sold out. IN FIVE MINUTES. I seriously wanted to cry. Lucky for me, Christine had a small restock the following day and I was able to get my hands on it. It was worth every second of anxiety. I'm fairly certain this is my favorite lip gloss of life. I reach for this color at least 2x a week and I wore it on my birthday last week. Bright pink is my favorite lip color and this one is absolutely perfect in terms of the formula. Super pigmented, comfortable to wear, and long wearing. Perfection. This and Mac's Magenta Lip Liner are the perfect combo.

Those are all the shades I have but I will absolutely be buying more. Hello Waffle is now my favorite brand for gloss and tinted lip balms. I really like all the shades I have, but my number #1 has to be Audrey 2. I have on my eye on a few more that I want to pick up, particularly that new mauve shade! 

Hope you guys found this helpful! I purchased AFK's new Inconceivable collection so I'll be getting my review of that up soon. 

xx Carissa

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