A Beginner's Guide to False Lashes

Whether you are looking to wear them for a special occasion or just because you want some more drama, False Lashes are a great way to draw focus to the eyes. With so many different styles, false lashes can really change up your look and take your makeup to the next level. For many people, putting on false lashes can be a difficult process. I now wear lashes on a regular basis (2x-3x a week) but I struggled for a long time. Along the way, I picked up lots of tips and tricks on how to apply your lashes like a pro and also how to ensure you get plenty of uses out of a single pair. Just as with liner, applying lashes requires practice and getting comfortable with it. But through trial and error, I've discovered the magic formula to getting false lash application down pact! 

Getting the Right Glue

If you plan on wearing lashes on a regular/semi regular basis, I highly highly highly suggest picking up the House of Lashes Glue. It's latex and formaldehyde free, has an applicator tip so you can avoid accidentally squeezing out too much glue (I'm looking at you, Duo), and dries blue so you can better gauge when to apply them. Which brings me to my second point...
Make sure the glue has had time to dry a bit before putting it on. You want it to be tacky, not wet. Chances are if you've struggled putting on lashes in the past, this was a main factor. This is another reason I recommend using the House of Lashes glue because when it turns blue, you know it's time to put it on.

The Half-Strip Technique

This is probably the biggest tip I can give to a newbie. If you find yourself struggling to put on a full strip, cut the strip in half and apply it in sections. I got the idea from this Nikkietutorials video. If you are not used to applying full sets of lashes, you may find it hard to get both corners to stick down properly. Doing it in sections is easier because there is less tension on the band. I recommend watching the video because she explains it very well. I started cutting my lashes in half and applying just the outer section (which looks good on its own for daytime and helps elongate your eye) and worked my way up to a full strip when I became better with it. This is particularly useful if you are using a pair of lashes that have a very thick lash band.

Have the Right Tools on Hand

Invest in a lash applicator and lash container. I bought my lash applicator at Sephora and ordered the container from House of Lashes when I purchased the glue. The Lash Applicator makes it easier to get your false lashes close again your lashline and in the placement you want. I also recommend having on hand a pair of tweezers so you can use the closed side to push down the lash band towards your lashes.
The lash applicator is also great for gently squeezing your falsies in with your natural lashes, making it appear more natural. The container has three molded sections to hold your lashes in and looks adorable on top of a vanity. You will usually need to put a bit of dark liner down on your lashline to help blend in your falsies if they are on the dramatic side. If it is a more natural pair, you can often forgo eyeliner for just tightlining your upper waterline. My favorite liner is the Inglot AMC Gel Liner in #90 Dark Brown. It’s the only one that has ever managed to be truly waterproof and stay on my inner rims.

Not All Lashes are Created Equal

Many will need to be cut down to fit your eye (always cut from the outside, not the inside), and stiffer sets will need to be played with and bent a bit so it'll fit the curvature of your eye. If you feel like your set is very stiff, I suggest using the cut and apply in sections technique. Try to stay away from brands that use very stiff/thick lash bands. They look less natural, are less comfortable to wear, and can be more difficult to put on. Companies like Velour & Lena Lashes sell mink-hair lashes, which can by quite pricey ($30 & up), but can be reused up to 25 times. You don’t necessarily need to invest in expensive lashes though! If you take care of them, you can reuse them several times. Ardell, Kiss, and Red Cherry are some of my favorite lashes. You can find all three of these in stores but I recommend buying online as it comes out cheaper usually. Down below is a list of other reputable lash brands and sellers.

Lash Care

Even with your standard lashes, you can easily get at least 5 uses out of a single pair with proper care. Here are some basic tips on how to make your lashes last:
  • Apply mascara before applying falsies, not after to avoid damaging them faster.
  • Take care when peeling off your lashes. I suggest using a Q-Tip with oil-free makeup remover to gently rub against the lash band until the glue loosens up and the lash comes off easily.
  • Make sure to gently pull off any residual glue still attached to your falsies.
  • It’s good practice to rub your lashes down every other use with another Q-Tip that makeup remover on it. I would do this every time if you used mascara over the lash. EmilyNoel83 has a great video on how to take care of your lashes if you wanted to see it done!
  • Put them back in their case or in their box and save for next time.

False Lash Brands & Resellers

Once you get down how to put on false lashes, it can become quite addicting! I love how it amps up any look and brings focus to the eyes. Make sure you also give your natural lashes a break every few days too. If you struggle with lashes, don't give up! It really is practice and becoming accustomed to how to put them on correctly.  

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