About Me

Welcome to The Indie Make Blog. My name is Carissa and makeup is my passion, especially indie makeup! 

The Indie Makeup Blog is a beauty blog consisting of reviews, makeup looks, and various tips and how-to beauty guides. I started this blog because indie and niche brands are nearly exclusively purchased online. Swatches and reviews through word of mouth are essential to the indie community and I wanted to contribute high quality swatches and reviews on the latest releases and products. 

I'm 22 years old located in sunny Florida. I have B.A.'s in English and Women and Gender Studies. I'm Puerto Rican. In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out in the indie makeup communities on Reddit, spending time with my family and SO, playing with my puppy Emma, and spending the day at the beach. Reading is also one of my favorite leisure activities. I'm a big fan of fantasy and sci-fi/paranormal fictions. 

My makeup interests include jewel tones and neutral colors with a duochrome. Purple eyeshadows are my favorite, followed by green. My skintone is fair with yellow undertones (NC15). For reference, Nars Gobi is a perfect match. I prefer to support indie brands where I can because a.) I love supporting female small business owners b.) Much more economical than mainstream brands with less ingredients c.) The quality is the same, if not better than many mainstream brands d.) Indie brands are cruelty-free. 

Are you new to indie cosmetics? It can be a bit overwhelming at times when you first getting started. My friend Lily from Beauty's Bad Habit has written an excellent guide about the ins and outs of indie makeup that you can view here!



  1. What a fun website, and thank you for giving us women owned Indie brands a little shine and light.
    Karen's Botanicals

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