Review & swatches: Notoriously Morbid January VC


I just received my January Vanishing Cabinet subscription box from Notoriously Morbid and wanted to quickly get this post up for you guys. This month's box is for all of you 80's babies; a Jem themed set! I was born after Jem was popular so I don't feel specifically connected this theme but I do appreciate the beautiful label art and attention to detail. 

A lot of these shades aren't really my thing but they totally nail the 80's theme. This box included 5 full sized shadows, a mini lipgloss, and a sample from the upcoming VC for a total of $12.99 shipped. I really appreciate the value of these boxes and highly recommend you try to snag yourself a sub if you don't have one yet! This box also included a coupon for 30% off my next order, which is freaking awesome! This would be good for newcomers to indies too. 

Now let's get on to the swatches!

* Disclaimer: All products purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. *

From left to right: Headstrong, Rebel, Showtime.

Showtime is a pinky coral base with blue and pink glitter. Pretty color, not the kind of shade you see all the time. Definitely needs a sticky base with all the glitter though and was a bit sheer.

Rebel is a light red with subtle green shimmer. I really like this shade, it has a satin formula, making it one of the more wearable shades in this month's VC. The pigmentation and application of this shade was the best of the bunch.

Headstrong is a light aqua with intense pink glitter. I LOVE THIS SHADE! It is an incredibly fun eyeshadow and represents the '80s mighty well me thinks. I can't wait to try this one out. The formula on this one was pretty good.

From left to right: Starlight Lip GlossPureheart. Show's Over, Enticing Elba. 

Enticing Elba (free sample) is a navy blue with red shimmer. I always like blues like these and this one's no different. This'll be a nice shade to use in the crease since it's not too dark. Reminds me a lot of Femme Fatale's Frostfire.

Show's Over is a shimmery blue. This color isn't particularly unique and applied a bit patchy on me.

Pureheart is a shimmery purple. This one suffers from the same issues as Show's Over but with even more patchiness :/
Update: Many subscribers seemed to have issues with this shade so Carrie and Laura from Notoriously Morbid looked into it. Apparently the initial Pureheart shade created had good application but something must have happened with the batch that was sent out with the VC. They are including a free reformulated full size Pureheart in next month's VC. I am seriously impressed with their dedication to customer service and quality control!

Starlight is a light pink with gold shimmer. Sorry my lips look so patchy here, I just took this shot quickly without exfoliating or moisturizing first. I really like the gloss! The formula is actually really comfortable to wear and the color is so soft and feminine. I prefer to wear glosses in this shade over over nude lip liners so I'm happy to add this one to the collection. 

Final Thoughts: Some of the shades really had trouble with patchiness and sheerness unfortunately. The colors are quite bright but I actually don't mind it as they fit the theme perfectly. My favorites were Headstrong and Rebel. Headstrong in particular is so fun and unique and I'm glad to have it. 

Thanks for reading!

Carissa xx 

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