Femme Fatale Gemtone Collection Swatches

Today I have the third installment of my Femme Fatale series, The Gemtone collection. The collection is comprised of eight eyeshadows, all with different color shifts over a sheer white base. One of the shades, Icemist Diamond, I've had since my first order with FF and it's my favorite blue shifted highlight color. When I was running low on my Icemist Diamond sample, I decided to pick up the whole set of shades. 

The eyeshadows are swatched over Nyx Black Bean Jumbo Eye Pencil on the top/left, Urban Decay Primer Potion in the middle, and Darling Girl Glitter Glue on the bottom/right. These may appear sheer over just regular primer but they can be built up nicely on the eye. For highlighting shades, I prefer semi-opaque formulas so these shades are great for that. 

Fire Opal (vegan, lip-safe) is a sheer white with strong copper orange shimmer and sparkles. This one is pretty similar to Shiro Cake! if you have that shade. This one was one of the strongest performers over Glitter Glue. 

Just as a sidenote, I don't recommend applying these over a sticky base in your application. I did so to ensure that the shifts were visible in the pictures because sometimes my camera will wash out some of the finer shimmer. In practical use, applying these over a sticky base can make the shades appear chalky so I would stick to regular primer or a black base. 

Icemist Diamond (vegan, lip-safe) is a soft translucent white highlighted by a stunning aqua shift and sparks. These colors absolutely glow over the black base! This is a must-have shade for me. My go-to blue eye look includes FF Moonglow on the lid, Dreamstate in the crease, with Icemist Diamond as an inner corner highlight. 

Twilight Amethyst (vegan, lip-safe) is a translucent white with a purple shift and sparkles. I've been looking for a purple inner corner highlight shade and this fits the bill perfectly. Over a black base, it turns into a blue-based purple. 

Emerald Glow (vegan, lip-safe) is a sheer white complimented by an emerald green shift and green sparkles. Over a black base, this is less emerald and more blue-green. 

Moonstone (vegan, lip-safe) is a sheer white shade with a soft blue duochrome shine and sparkles. As you can see, this one is pretty similar to Icemist Diamond without the black base. I'd say unless you wanted to get the whole set, you could pick just one and be fine. 

Sun Crystal (vegan, lip-safe) is a sheer soft-white base with striking golden shimmer and sparks. I absolutely love the way this one looks over a black base! Olive green goodness HNGGGG. This makes for a pretty interesting highlight shade as well. 

Star Ruby (vegan, lip-safe) is a translucent white with pink/red shift and sparkles. I've used this one already and it added a nice pinky highlight to my look, This one reminds me a lot of Fyrinnae Crimson Ghost. 

Golden Peridot (vegan, lip-safe) is a translucent white with a lime green shimmer and sparkles. This one is stunning over all three bases, I can't wait to try it out. 

All of the shades had the same formula - semi opaque but buildable. I think Sophie did a great job in providing lots of different shifts. There's teal, aqua, blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange, etc. What I really like about this collection is how versatile it is. The colors completely transform over a black base so it's like you're getting two shades for the price of one. My favorite colors were Icemist Diamond, Sun Crystal, and Golden Peridot.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely weekend! 

xx Carissa 

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