My Pretty Zombie Review

Today I have swatches and a review of my first order from the indie company My Pretty Zombie. MPZ is a long-standing brand, known for their eyeshadows and blushes that often have rather morbid and unorthodox names. Names notwithstanding, the shadows themselves are quite lovely. I placed my order on Black Friday during MPZ's 30% sale. I believe I received my order around the 2-week mark. Their current TAT is only a week so they're a nice option for short-notice gifts or earlier arrival gratification ;)

Eyeshadows are available as full sizes for $5.00 while samples are available in packs for $1 each. If you plan on purchasing more than 5 full size shadows at once, there are bundle listings available at slight discount. 

Just a note on these swatches, I've switched over to swatching half on primer, half on Brija's Adhesive Wax. It gives a similar foiled finish to my old standby of Darling Girl Glitter Glue but a lot less hassle. 

Left to right: Anthrax, Thundernuts, Trepanation, Brisket, and Static.

Static (vegan, not lip safe) is an olive green with a gold sheen. 

Brisket (not vegan, lip safe) is a rusty red with a coppery gold shift. This shadow needs an adhesive base of some kind to really show off the shift, but I think this could make a nice one shadow look since the shimmer blends out easily. 

Trepanation (vegan, lip safe) is a tawny taupe base with an icy blue shift. Stunning, this was one I've wanted a long time. Neutral with a twist lovers need this. 

Thundernuts (vegan, not lip safe) is a plum-toned brown with a blurple shift. This one also benefits from an adhesive base for maximum impact. 

Anthrax (not vegan, not lip safe) is a warm violet with gold shimmer. I pressed this shade just to see how well it took to the process and it seems I've lost some of the green shift that I've seen from others' swatches. Unfortunately I don't have any loose Anthrax but it makes a nice shade even without the green sheen. 

Left to right: Everything Looks Better on a Meathook, Violet Bites, Noxious Agents, Cookie Pants, 13 Gypsies. 

13 Gypsies (vegan, lip safe) is a molten bronze with copper shimmer. UNFFF. This color is everything. I have to stop myself from using it every time I break out my MPZ stuff. It's beautifully pigmented as well. I think I'll be ordering another FS of this one to press. 

Cookie Pants (vegan, lip safe) is a medium brown with gold and pink shimmer. Compared to the other shades I got in this haul, this one was pretty meh. 

Noxious Agents (vegan, lip safe) is an interesting greenish gold with heavy blue shimmer. The green undertone here makes this pretty unique. I have a lot of greens and don't have anything like this one. 

Violet Bites (not vegan, not lip safe) is a red based purple with gold shimmer. 

Everything Looks Better on a Meathook (vegan, lip safe) is a maroon with an intense blue shift. Other photos I've seen of this color pull way redder than what it looks like on me. Nonetheless, it's a beautiful shade, another great color for a one shadow look. 

 Baby May (not vegan, lip safe) is a soft cornflower blue with pink shimmer. This one was included as a free sample. This color is actually the Color of the Month until Tuesday so it's on sale at $3 right now. 

Meal of Me is a blackened base with heavy green shimmer. This was a Halloween LE shade and is no longer available. 

Overall I'm very pleased with my order. There are a lot of nice duochromes in there, although a good chunk of them need a sticky base to shine. 13 Gypsies is absolutely awesome, as well as Brisket and Trepanation. I don't see this brand mentioned much and it's really a shame because they make nice shadows and have a short turnaround time. 

Thanks for reading guys! 

-- Carissa 

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  1. Love it! I have got some MPZ shadows myself and I am DYING over Brisket. It's gorgeous. For my next order I will throw in 13 gypsies, gorgeous! :D

    1. Brisket is one of the first shades I knew I needed but the beauty that is 13 Gypsies was unexpected! :D