Review, Swatches, and an EOTD: AFK Inconceivable Collection

Hello there! Today I have for you a review on a collection I was super excited to get my hands on. The indie makeup brand AFK Cosmetics has released a new collection based on the classic cult film, The Princess Bride. TPB is one of my all-time favorite movies since I was a child. I had actually been lamenting recently about how no one had come up with a collection based on it. Apparently the owner of AFK Cosmetics, Dena, is a mind-reader because here we are! I am happy to report it doesn't disappoint. 

The collection consists of seven eyeshadows, two lip balms, and a highlighter. All shades were beautifully pigmented and had a nice, rich texture to them. This review will cover all of the shadows and the highlighter. I'll cover the lip balms separately if there's interest! 

In regards to customer service, I have to say, Dena has seriously impressed me. I ordered the entire collection in the sample size plus full sizes of I'm Not a Witch, I'm Your Wife and Land War in Asia. I had wafted on purchasing To The Pain in a full size but ultimately decided against it. Big mistake. As soon as swatches of it started popping up on reddit, I left a comment on a review post that I regretted not picking up a full size of To The Pain. To my complete surprise, Dena generously offered to send me a full size! The overall quality of this collection is outstanding but the customer service I've received is by and away some of the best I've received in any purchases to date. AFK has made a lifelong customer of me!

All swatches are over Urban Decay Primer Potion and Darling Girl Glitter Glue. 

* Disclaimer: All products purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. *

The eyeshadows came securely packaged with cute wrapping paper. Isn't the label art beautiful? Buttercup and Wesley's bond was so inspirational to 4 year old me. Relationship goals right here. 

From left to right: To The Pain, As You Wish, I'm Not a Witch, I'm Your Wife, Land War in Asia.

Land War in Asia is a brown base with multicolored sparkles. In person, the base looks more burgundy and the sparkles are mostly blue. This and the following shade are the ones I ordered full sizes of. The blue sparkles against the purply brown base makes this shade pretty unique and I can't think of anything quite like it. I used this shade lightly in my crease with a fluffy blending blush as a transition shade. As you'll see below, the blue sparkles are much less apparent without a sticky base. 

I'm Not a Witch, I'm Your Wife is a murky olive green with light blue shimmer. Absolutely stunning. This is a very wearable green as it doesn't pull too bright, dark, or intense. It's a beautiful moss colored shade and is hands down my favorite shade of the collection. The great thing about this color is it looks very sparkly and dimensional on the eyes. I used this shade all over the lid in my EOTD.

As You Wish is a peachy orange with gold sheen. This shade is inspired by Wesley and his tagline in the film. Reminds me a lot of Hello Waffle Fauxlivia if you can't get your hands on this one! I can see this pairing beautifully with Anybody Want a Peanut?

To The Pain is described on the site as blackened red with red shimmer but I would say it's more of a dark purple with light purple shimmer. Another stunner. This is the shade that Dena sent me a full size of and I'm so happy she did! It's a great shade to use for deepening the crease or as a foiled liner. 

From left to right: Crystal Arrow (free sample), Have Fun Stormin' The Castle, Fire Swamp, Anybody Want a Peanut?, Mawwage. 

Mawwage is a shimmery cream shade. This shade is sold as a highlighter and is AFK's first face product. This is a beautiful highlighter. The color is quite neutral so those with warm and cool tones can pull it off. The formula is silky and finely-milled. I will be picking up a full size of this one very soon. 

Does Anybody Want a Peanut? is a satin brown with gold shimmer. The shimmer is quite strong in this shade and looks really pretty on the eyes. The shimmer does benefit from a sticky base to really stand out!

Fire Swamp is a medium grey with green undertones. This applied much lighter in tone on me than on the website's swatch. I didn't really notice any red shimmer on this one but the green undertone is definitely there. I want to try out this shade all over the lid with the next shade in the crease and outer corner. 

Have Fun Stormin' The Castle is a dark stone grey with heavy silver shimmer. This color was densely pigmented and looked totally unassuming in the baggie! This one actually turned out to be one of my favorites and I want to pick up a full size of this shade if it hasn't sold out already!

Crystal Arrow is a shimmery icy blue. This was included as my free sample and is part of another collection.

Here's an EOTD using I'm Not a Witch, I'm Your Wife, Land War in Asia, and To The Pain:

I'm in love with this collection guys. Every shade was beautiful and there were a few very unique ones in here as well. Unfortunately, some of the ingredients used in these products are no longer available so if you want them, get them while you can! I hope Dena is able to reformulate them without those ingredients as this is a very cool collection and is exemplary of AFK's fantastic formula and catalog. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the review! Next up, February's Vanishing Cabinet. 

xx Carissa 

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  1. What a gorgeous collection! I'd definitely be interested in seeing the lip balms too, if you have time. I can live vicariously through you until mine finally make their way here!

    1. I'll see if I can get them up early next week if that's ok!