Uponaworld Autumn and Winter Palette Review and Demo

Happy Friday guys! I've been on a roll getting posts up this week. This is the last one for now since I work weekends. I recently changed up where I do my swatches and take photos at so I can get better natural light and I've been so happy with it. My next goal is to start making some basic makeup tutorials in addition to my regular postings. Fingers crossed that it works out! 

Today I have my review and swatches of the Uponaworld Cosmetics Autumn and Winter Palettes. I also have the Summer and Spring palettes that will be reviewed soon. This was my first experience with Uponaworld. It's a relatively new brand that offers eyeshadows as well as handmade soaps. Uponaworld is cruelty-free and vegan friendly. Eyeshadow samples are available for $1.00 and full size jars run $6.00. These palettes were originally available as a pressed palette but the owner, Manuela has let me know that she won't be offering her pressed shadows anymore as part of her regular lineup. The ones that I received were loose. 

Products were provided as press samples. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos were taken in indirect light. For reference, my skin tone is slightly lighter than an NC15, fair with warm undertones. Please view my disclosure policy for more information. Swatches are done half on Urban Decay Primer Potion, half over Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue. 

The Beaten Path is a reddened brown with blue and gold shimmer. There's also an undercurrent of copper iridescence to the base color. I like this shade a lot because of the warm undertones, it makes a good fit for Autumn.

Grains of Harvest is a light yellow gold. It applied slightly patchy over my sticky base here but I had no problems whatsoever when I applied it foiled on my eye below, it just slightly darkened. 

Evergreen is an olive brown base with bluish green shimmer. I'm glad that there was a green shade included in this set, even if it's on the browner side! 

Falling Leaves is a marsala red with a bronze sheen and a scattering of blue sparkles. I love reds for this season and this one is lovely. It definitely helps the palette from leaning too cool. The name is perfect. 

For this look I used Grains of Harvest on the first half of the lid, Evergreen on the outer half, with Beaten Path and Fallen Leaves in the crease. 

Lavender is a purple-taupe with gold and icy blue shimmer. This is a lovely work-appropriate neutral that doesn't lean too cool or too warm. It's one of the midtone shades that could be used in the crease or on the lid. 

Oxblood is a dark shimmery blood red. It works great as a deep crease shade or to deepen the outer V. I used a small amount of this in the look below and although you can't really see it, it added a little bit of warmth to the look. 

Snowy Night is a shimmery beige. This color is nearly identical to Baroque Death of Morat.  

Loropetalum is a beautiful eggplant purple. This is my favorite shade from this palette. 

For this Winter look, I used Snowy Night as the center highlight shade, Lavender in the inner corner, with Lorpetalum and Oxblood on the inside and outside of the lid. I think this is a beautiful combination of colors to create a simple neutral eye to pair with a red lip or a sultry smokey eye for a New Year's Eve Party. 

Overall Analysis: I'm happy with the quality of these products. Every one of these colors applied like a dream over regular primer and a sticky base, which I know would please a lot of people who tend to skip a sticky base. Like I mentioned earlier, the only shade that swatched a little patchy for me was Grains of Harvest but I had no issues in actual application.

I love the color combinations. The range of colors in the first palette are perfect for fall. Those are exactly the colors I like to use for this time of year. The winter palette is also gorgeous, although it does lean heavy on the purple side.  I'm sad that these are no longer available as pressed palettes as there are so few pre-pressed options in the indie world and I imagine these would be very velvety when pressed. I suggest if you like these colors you try to grab one on Black Friday when Manuela is putting up what's left of them! I'm excited to check out the Summer and Spring palettes next <3

xx Carissa 

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