Is it A Dupe? Swatch and Comparison

Hey everyone! Today I have a post on dupe comparisons of my shadows. I've been wanting to do this post for a long time and it was a lot of fun testing out colors I suspected to be dupes. Some turned out to be right on and others not as much! Nothing is better than discovering that you already have a similar color to a shade you've been wanting. This is only half of the possible dupes, stay turned for a part 2 soon. All of these shades are shown over Urban Decay Primer Potion (left) and Darling Girl Glitter Glue (right).

Femme Fatale Fire Opal, Fyrinnae Crimson Ghost 
As you can really see with the first image, these are not dupes. The base on Fire Opal is an ashy white with blue undertones that's noticeable Over Glitter Glue. The base can cause it to look a little patchy over a sticky base. Over regular primer, the base is sheerer which makes it ideal for highlighting. The shift is more of a golden pink as opposed to Crimson Ghost's ballerina pink. Crimson Ghost has better color payoff and has a stronger shift over both bases. 

 These two are pretty close. Both have a similar formula in terms of color payoff. Digital Faerie is more blue while Sleepy Hallow leans slightly teal. Sleepy Hallow also has golden sparkles in it. I'd say you could skip the other if you already have one of these. 

Femme Fatale Alpine Skies, Femme Fatale Perspecto-Ilusion
 These two are near dead-on dupes. The base is less pink and more beige with Alpine Skies. The shift is stronger on Perspecto-Illusion. PI is my personal favorite of the two since it's a little more pigmented.  

Corvus Barely A Bite, Femme Fatale Candied Apple
These are the two shadows I was most interested in comparing. Both colors are gorgeous in their own right but are very different. The cult favorite Candied Apple has a mauve base and a light green shift while Barely A Bite has a rusty red base with a medium green shift. Candied Apple's shift performs stronger over a sticky base. 

Corvus Wendigo, Mac Typographic over regular primer
 Let me start off by saying that the formula on the Mac shade is seriously lacking. I had to pat shadow on seven times to get this level of color built up. Wendigo applied like a dream in comparison. As I suspected, these colors are very similar. Wendigo is slightly lighter but it's hard to tell in person and in actual application. I used to use Typographic whenever I did a smokey cat eye and I'm happy to have found a much better substitute at a fraction of the cost. 

Corvus Nixie, Hello Waffle Ethereal Voice, Hello Waffle Silk: regular primer on top, DG GG on bottom
 These were swatched a few months ago so that's why they look different. In terms of formula, Nixie is easily the most pigmented over primer. My jars of Ethereal Voice and Silk are from the original launch. The owner has since reformulated these shades and the pigmentation is supposed to be much better. Ethereal voice has heavy golden shimmer and is slightly cooler than Silk. Nixie is the darkest of the three and has more of a coppery gold shimmer. I do love all of them as I use a sticky base every time anyway!

Here are some single swatches of Silk and Ethereal Voice since I've never shared them here. 

HW Silk
HW Ethereal Voice

That's it for today, thanks for reading!

xx Carissa

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