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Hi readers! Today I'm finally getting up a complete look at my pressed palettes. I've previously posted a tutorial on how to press your eyeshadows and also an in-depth comparison on the different palette brands I own that you can view here

Pressing my collection has been a huge labor of love. However, I'm very happy with the results I've gotten and I feel like I get more use out of my eyeshadows this way. I've been fortunate in that I've only had a few shadow casualties (DO NOT press FF Star's Sorrow guys!). At this point, I've basically pressed all of my shadows except for mattes and shades that are heavy on the glitter or ultramarines. I didn't go over each shade name except for my Darling Girl palettes so if you'd like to know which any of these shadows are, leave me a comment below and I'll let you know! All of my palettes except for the large flower one are divided by brand. I know some people like to organize theirs by color but I found myself forgetting about a lot of shadows that way so by brand works best for me. 

Here are all my filled palettes! I have two extra Mini Mint palettes waiting to be filled with shadows from my black friday orders :D 

The two on the bottom are Ebay palettes, the two on top of those are Anothersoul palettes, and all the others are from MiniMint. 

Both of the Ebay palettes house my Darling Girl collection! Unfortunately a lot of these colors were either GWPs or have been discontinued. I'll notate which ones are no longer available with an asterisk. 

L-R: If I Only Had a Heart, Jeweled Taupe, Jaycee Boo, Fanciful*, That's a Big Twinkie, Marzipan Nipples, Ladyhawke, Donger Need Food. 

L-R: My Little Pony, Brocade, Mass Hysteria, Don't Cross The Streams, Taystee Girl, Sakura Season*, We Need a Bigger Boat*, Blue Grotto*.

 L-R: Enigmatic*, Wrecking Ball*, Bittersweet*, Walkers*, There is no Dana, Bronze Dawn.

L-R: Aranza Zazu, Grand Pabbie*, Reckoning*, Fortune Cookie*, Dearie, Fire Faeries.

Shot of the second palette. Most of these colors were picked up during the Clearout and Pink Friday sales.

L-R: O RLY?*, Fisticuffs*, Silly Sea Lion*, Woogy*, Beso de la Muerta*, Papercut*, Bubbles, I Smiled Once*, Mr. Wonderful*. 

L-R: Barbarella*, Pretty Mistakes*, Hell's Belles*, Sex on Fire*, Impervious*, F Bomb*, Perfect World*, No Fate*, Baby Groot*, Lucky 13*, Mistress*. 

Anothersoul Pro palette. This was my first palette and has held up well, apart from some makeup smudges that don't want to come off the cover.

This palette holds a variety of brands but the pans are primarily Dreamworld, Siren Song, AFK, VDC, and Ten Three Labs. 

Left side.

Right side. That obnoxiously bright blue is VDC Sailor Saturn (Hotaru) in case you were wondering. Thinking about it now, so many of these brands have either closed down or have discontinued these colors :( 

Here is the small palette from MiniMint. It houses my Blackbird pressed mattes.

On the left side going down is Thirteen, Dog Days, and Half Full. Right side is Lucid, Fire Pledge, and Vintage. The random circular shade is Mac Brownscript. I love my BB mattes and use them all the time, but they're quite fragile as you can see. 

This palette and the next several MiniMint palettes below were custom orders. You can read about my order experience in the palette comparison post. I just checked the shop and they're currently not taking any custom orders but I'd highly recommend the process when they're up and running again!

The left side are Fyrinnae shadows, the small circular pans and two small rectangular pans are Ten Three Labs, and the larger ones on the right are Chameleon Eye Cosmetics.

This is another mixed bag of brands. The large pans on top are Geek Chic, the rectangular cluster on the lower left is VDC, and the circular pans in the middle are Uponaworld.

Femme Fatale palette! Let's all take a moment of silence for this beauty, which I promptly dropped after taking this shot. Perspecto-Illusion got EVERYWHERE. For shame. 

Of all of the shadows I've pressed, my FF ones have benefited the most. They're very pigmented even without a sticky base and the duochromes apply smoothly. 

This one holds my Corvus shadows. I really love this one since there's a lot of different tones and finishes here. This would be the palette I take with me if I'm traveling because I can create a variety of looks from it. I have a few more 15mm pans that didn't fit in here. 

Hello Waffle palette. I still have quite a few HW colors to press plus what's coming with my Black Friday order! I'm super excited to get the Mystery pack I ordered. 

And last but not least is my Notoriously Morbid collection, housed in this Anothersoul Basic palette.

I don't really purchase from Notoriously Morbid anymore but I have a lot of favorites here. I think there's a couple of Shiro shadows mixed in here too. See that purple, second from the bottom right? This is why you shouldn't overfill your pans, kids. I am constantly getting that color stamped onto the inner cover of the palette. 

And that's it for my pressed collection! If you made it this far, thanks for sticking with me. I hope this was helpful for people looking to press, and if not, well I hope you enjoyed the pan porn :) 

xx Carissa 

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  1. OMG girl ! I don't even know if you post anymore, because there's just a time and no date above your articles.
    I have been looking all over the place for a blog or pictures of indie makeup brands, especially eyeshadows and after reading your post (and drooling on my sofa over the amazingness of the eyeshadows), I discovered that the right side of your blog contains a LOT of indie makeup brand names...
    Your blog is going to my favs so I can catch up with everything you've written so far and follow you then !!!!!

    Keep up the good work ! :D

    1. So glad you find the site useful! This post actually went up last night. I'm going to tinker with my site design to see if I can get the dates to show up.