Aromaleigh Galactic Collection Review

A few months ago, Aromaleigh Cosmetics came out with their Galactic collection, a set of space themed duochromatic eyeshadows. Aromaleigh has always been one of those brands that never really stood out to me amongst the sea of indie companies; I tend to stay away from cool muted neutrals which they seem to have a lot of. But when I saw the press swatches for this collection, I decided to pick up the set to try them out. There are currently 10 eyeshadows in this collection, with another wave of colors set to come out sometime this summer. The collection is available in sample size, deluxe sample size, and full size. As you probably know by now, duochrome eyeshadows are my favorite kind of eyeshadow and I was intrigued to see how Aromaleigh's performed. 

All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos were taken in direct light. For reference, my skin tone is slightly lighter than an NC15, fair with warm undertones. Please view my disclosure policy for more information. Swatches are done half on Urban Decay Primer Potion, half over Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue. 

Cepheus (vegan, not lip-safe) is a rich chestnut brown with a strong blue/lilac duochrome shift. The shift on this shade is really strong and I think the blue duochrome works well with the base color. I appreciate that it's a darker tone but still completely wearable. 

Monoceros (non-vegan, not lip safe) is a bubblegum pink with a slight violet shift and blue sparkles. According to the website, this is supposed to be a blue shift but I don't really see that, just some blue shimmer. The shift is a bit stronger in person. 

Musca (vegan, not lip-safe) is a muted blue with a strong gold duochrome. These muted shimmers are what Aromaleigh does best, and this one is no exception. I'm glad the duochrome is more of a white-gold than a yellow-gold. 

Orion (vegan, not lip-safe) is a warm brown with a green duochrome. This shade is basically a green-toned version of Corvus Cosmetics Gingerbread Haus, so naturally I love this one too. It's warmer than Shiro's I Am Groot. The fact that the base color is so warm makes this one pretty unique for me, although it does need a sticky base to really glow. 

Carina (vegan, not lip-safe) is a purple-violet with a blue shift. As you can see, this shade also benefits greatly from a sticky base. Over GG, the blue shift is very intense. Although it's similar to Notoriously Morbid Walking On Sunshine, Carina's base is lighter and pinker. 

Striga (vegan, not lip-safe) is a muted green with a teal duochrome. I wish the base was a bit more vibrant against the teal shift, but still a pretty shade nonetheless. 

Ophiucus (not vegan, not lip-safe) is a warm pink with a gold shift. Like most of the shadows here, the effect is less intense over regular primer, resulting in a scattering of gold shimmer instead. 

Cassiopeia (not vegan, lip-safe) is a blackened brown with a red duochrome. The formula on this shade is super smooth and pigmented over both regular primer and the sticky base. One of my favorites from the collection. 

Aquila is a teal green with a gold shift. Sorry about the lighting on this shade and the next, I started swatching these on an overcast day. Anyway, the gold duochrome is more noticeable in direct lighting. 

Oculus (vegan, not lip-safe) is a cool purple with a gold duochrome. Like Aquila, the duochrome is more apparent in direct lighting. This one was one of the more subtle shifts in the collection. I'm not happy with how these last two swatches came out so I'll probably be redoing them soon. 

Overall, the collection has a nice mix of shades. Most of them did in fact have duochrome shifts, with Carina, Orion, and Cepheus exhibiting the strongest shifts. All of the shades performed well over regular primer. However, the majority of the shadows definitely need a sticky base to really get the duochrome to come out. My personal favorites are Cepheus, Cassiopeia, and Orion. For now, I'll be patiently waiting for wave 2 to arrive! 

xx Carissa

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